Southern Lamps — Your Competitive Source For Products & Services Including:

  • Ultra-Violet Drying Lamps
  • Polished Aluminum UV Reflectors
  • Dichroic Coated UV Reflectors
  • Quartz UV Reflectors and Clear Quartz Lenses
  • UV Control Gear (Transformers and Capacitors)
  • Exposure Lamps (Screen and Plate Making)
  • Color Matching / Viewing Table Fluorescent Lamps
  • UV LED Lamps
  • UV Germicidal Lamps, Quartz Sleeves, and O-rings
  • Infra-Red Drying Lamps
  • IR Dryer Parts and Service (Pumps and Flow Switches)
  • Equipment Service Repair and Installation

*The OEM’s listed below have not sponsored or approved any replacement products advertised on this website.
**Note: Due to high demand, some items may be on back order.  In order for us to meet your needs, we advise placing your orders in advance to ensure timely delivery.


  • UVA Accessories
    UV Equipment Spare Parts & Cooling Tubes
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  • UV Germicidal/
  • Disinfection Quartz Sleeves and Lamps
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  • SubZero085HCassetteSide
    Integration Technology Cassettes and Bulb Kits
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