UV Curing Lamps

Lamps made to match high quality OEM specifications and custom designed UV curing lamps for all types of UV and digital UV curing equipment and UV flatbed printers.

We’ve got you covered on systems manufactured from AAA-Vujet

A          AAA, Addalux, Aetek, Air Motions (AMS), Alpha-Cure, Amba, Amergraph, American Ultraviolet (AUV), Amjo, Aradiant,   AWT, AGFA

B          Baldwin, Brewer, Billhoffer

C          Cefla, Colight, Comco, Colordry

D         Delle VedoveDorn, Douthitt, Dr. Honle, DS Screen, Dubois, Durst, Dymax

E          Electech, Eltosch, Eye Ultraviolet

F          Fuji, Fusion

G          Gallus, GEW, Giardina,Grafix

H          HP, Honle, Hanovia, Heidelberg, Heraeus, Herbert, HOK

I            IwaskiIST, IVT

K           Kamman, Kase, Klemm, Kopack

L           LawsonLiberty, Linde

M          Mark Andy, Metal Box, M&M, M&R, Miltec, MMT

N           Nilpeter, Nordson, Nuarc, Natgraph

O           OceOlec, Online

P           Philips, Polytype, Primarc, Prime UV

R          Research Inc

S          Sakurai, Sanjo, Sanki, Sias, SPDI, SPE, Spectral, Steinemann, Svecia, Superfici, Singulus, Sylvania

T          TEC Lighting, Theimer-Strahler, Theime, Toshiba

U          UVT, UV Research, Uviterno, Ushio, UVEX, UV Doctor

V          Van Dam, Violux, Voltarc, Vujet, Vutek

W         Wallace Knight, Webtron, Western Quartz

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