All You Need to Know About IR Lamps

All You Need to Know About IR Lamps

How does infrared work?
Infrared (IR) energy is a form of radiation, which falls between visible light and microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum. These infrared lamps use low amounts of energy and work by emitting infrared radiations which can be used for many processes. Infrared heaters produce heat that is a product of invisible light from IR lamps.

What are infrared lamps used for? 
Southern Lamps, Inc. supplies infrared lamps for many different applications and industrial processes including the following:

• Curing and bonding
• Plastic welding
• Annealing
• PET manufacturing
• Print drying
• Domestic/commercial heating

In these applications, infrared heaters may replace convection ovens and contact heating, UV curing or electrical or gas heating systems. In the case of print drying, infrared may be more suitable than UV curing for some inks and substrates.

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