Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision:

Southern Lamps will be the leading supplier in the USA for UV, IR, and exposure lamps, reflectors, and associated spare parts.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the highest quality; most customer focused; and competitively priced distributor of UV, IR, exposure lamps, reflectors, and associated spare parts in the USA. We will achieve our mission by continuing to source high quality products while focusing on maintaining exceptional customer service and ensuring employee satisfaction.

Our Values:

L- Listen: We believe communication is vital in knowing what our customers’ needs are and always do our utmost to meet their requirements.

A- Appreciation: We know that each and every one of our customers make us the great company that we are today. We appreciate every customer and give thanks for their continued support.

M- Maximize: We believe our customers deserve more than just a service. We take pride in maximizing every opportunity to make sure they have the best experience possible each and every time.

P- Performance: We stand by our quality and pride ourselves on offering the best performing products on the market.

S- Serve: Above all we value our ability to serve our customers consistently and willingly day in and day out.



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