UV Lamp Disposal

 UV Lamp Disposal

Like most organizations, Southern Lamps strives to be environmentally and socially conscious.  This is especially important due to the nature of our business, supplying UV lamps that contain mercury. As a result we wanted to share more about our UV lamp disposal service.  We use a local company that is equipped and specializes in disposing and recycling of various types of lamps like, UV, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, neon, and argon lamps.

UV lamps, along with some common household items like thermometers and thermostats, contain small amounts of mercury and must be handled very carefully and disposed of properly.  The recycling facility we use manages almost all aspects of the recycling and disposal process in house by operating the very best processing equipment, using mercury retort ovens to remove mercury from phosphorus powder, and even triple distillation equipment to recycle mercury back to virgin specification.  As a highly toxic material, mercury must be properly disposed of when removed from use. Mercury is frequently used in thermometers, thermostats, electrical and electronic devices, components, and applications. Whenever possible this recycling facility extracts mercury from reusable materials and distills it reuse in a variety of applications. Non-reusable materials are thermally destroyed.

To learn more about UV lamp disposal click here.

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