How to Get the Most Out of Your UV Lamps With Basic Lamp Maintenance

How to Get the Most Out of Your UV Lamps With Basic Lamp Maintenance

Many of the lamps we supply carry a warranty of 1,000 hours but this can easily be extended with some basic lamp maintenance provided the lamp is run within ideal operating conditions. Here are some best practices for handling, cleaning and replacing UV lamps:

  • Always wear latex gloves when unpacking and then handling during lamp maintenance, as any residue and oil from your fingertips will contaminate the surface of the lamp and cause issues once it is ignited
  • Before placing the lamp into the UV system, ensure you clean the lamp body with isopropanol wipes
  • For longer lamps, rotate them every 100-200 hours to avoid deformation of the quartz and ‘bowing’
  • Avoid excessive starts – this can cause contamination due to the electrodes throwing off tungsten into the lamp. When you remove the UV lamp from the system, check that the electrical connections are tight and not eroded.
  • Ensure the UV system is clear of all external contamination, such as inks and paper dust, and clean the lamps regularly with isopropyl wipes. Allow the lamp to cool for at least 5 minutes after the power has been turned off, before you handle the lamp

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