Facts about UV in the Woodworking Industry

Facts about UV in the Woodworking Industry

UV in the Woodworking Industry

Top Facts:

  • UV System Manufacturers whose systems are typically used in the woodworking sector include Cefla and Giardina
  • Average length of a lamp is 52” or 1341mm
  • Typically, you will find between 3-7 lamp heads in a system.  Of those, 2 or 3 may sometimes be Gallium doped
  • End products can include: furniture, flooring, doors, and wooden car fascia

Common part numbers include:

  • Cefla 1932
  • Cefla 601100063
  • Cefla 601100064
  • Cefla 601100066
  • Cefla 601100087
  • 6555AP41
  • 6612AP41
  • 6855A12C
  • H15K/56/083
  • H15K56AC
  • H15K/56AC/083/3516
  • 6856A5C
  • 6856A5C-420
  • M610065
  • M510200
  • 1107226
  • 112021
  • 171890
  • AM4069X
  • AM4133X

Southern Lamps, Inc. supplies market-leading medium pressure UV curing lamps used to cure a full range of sealants and top coats used in the manufacturing process of wood furniture and flooring. To find out which UV curing lamp is right for your business please contact the Southern Lamps, Inc. sales team so they can help you identify the correct lamp for your UV curing system.

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