Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message From Southern Lamps

We want to assure our customers that we are operating as usual and do not currently anticipate any disruptions in supply.  We are working to increase our inventory to be prepared for any potential delays of our global supply chain.  We continue to follow safety recommendations and standards for employee safety. Southern Lamps is closely…

Tornadoes in Tennessee

Our thoughts are with our customers and their families and friends that have been affected by the tornadoes around Nashville. Please know we are thinking of you.   –Your Friends at Southern Lamps

UV Industry of the Month: Corrugated Cardboard

UV Industry of the Month: Corrugated Cardboard

Did you know that UV and IR lamps are used in the process of corrugated cardboard printing? Sheets of corrugated cardboard are passed through the press where UV and conventional inks and/or coatings are applied and then cured or dried with UV or IR lamps. We carry UV lamps, quartz plates, aluminum reflectors, IR lamps,…

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