2020 Top 25 Converters

2020 Top 25 Converters

What do over 20% of the 2020 Top 25 Converters have in common?

They have partnered with us to supply their UV or IR lamps!! Check here to see the list.

What does this mean for  you?

Here are some ways to take advantage of this opportunity:

  • If you are part of a group, we may already be an approved vendor!
  • Rest assured in your decision knowing that almost a quarter of the 2020 Top 25 Converters trust us with their lamp needs
  • With almost 80% of our lamp orders shipping from stock we are guaranteed to come up with a solution to meet your needs!

Thank you to the companies who trust us with their UV/IR lamp needs!

Whether you are a part of the list or not, contact us for a current quote today!

-Your Friends at Southern Lamps



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