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Electech UV and IR Lamps

Did you know that we carry UV lamps, quartz plates, and aluminum reflectors for Electech UV systems? Most items are kept in stock ready to ship! ET 28-50016-C ET 30-500-20C ET 30-50012-C UVC1664 / 1664-42-1664 ET 42-600-6C ET 42-50016-PL ET 10” Reflectors ET 16” Reflectors ET QP 102 x 102 x 2  Quartz Windows  …

Our High Quality Standard

Our lamps are made with the highest quality components available and are manufactured to deliver the kind of results you have come to expect from OEM lamps.  Our products should not be confused with “generics”, “seconds”, “imitations” or other substandard products.  We refer to OEM’s so you’ll know in advance what you can expect from…

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